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Baseball is continuous. Society is not. Cyber will change all metrics once it gets past the infantile gadget stage.

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Identifying the “Sabermetrics” of Urbanism | PlaceMakers

Well now er um. As an old Doxiadis auditor, I am familiar with this thinking in a younger iteration. As a born and raised New Yorker, I know what a block is. But as one who has thought for a lifetime about cities and particularly about metrics, come to think of it, I believe this suffers from a failure to see the self-evident. What is self-evident but missed? The answer is: The imperative to separate oil and the automobile from its central control of everything else. Once make these things peripheral, and the scales will fall from our eyes. We will not lose these anymore than we lost horses, But they will no longer influence all else we do and think. My metric is drawn from my reading of Christopher Alexander coupled with my own evolution of his thinking. It arrives at the concept of the cyber-community which is 10,000 persons of all sorts living by choice in a community that is car free, no more than four levels high, stairless, lego-like and so on and so forth. I see it all. It does not exist. Neither did the car once. I outline it in my largely-ignored book, Triadic Philosophy.

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abba's way, pattern language, politics

Thinking in a binary either-or manner hobbles progress.

1055. Thinking in a binary either-or manner hobbles progress.

1055a. Choosing between experts and “the people” solves nothing.

1055b. A car free, integral way of living is a consensus waiting to be implemented.

1055c. Building car-free cyber-communities requires a pilot.

1055d. People need to see what it’s like to live car-free.

1055e. People need to experience lego-like construction that is modular.

1055f. We are talking about a social revolution when we talk car-free.

1055g. A car free future requires a visionary entrepreneur.

1055f. A car-free future requires attention to the ethics and aesthetics of existence.

1055g. Car-free is a future with a vital, local economy at its core.

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Car Free Future

“In a new suburban district of Freiburg, Germany that discourages driving — a “car-reduced” community called Vauban — there are only two places to park a car, and both are at the edge of the development. As I note in my story in Tuesday’s New York Times, 70 percent of Vauban’s families do not own cars, and 57 percent sold a car to move there.”

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Christopher Alexander: Agricultural Valleys — Commentary



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