Comment On: How Reid Found His Silver Bullet: Opt-Out Pitched Just Three Weeks Ago

The Public Option of Harry Reid Is Highly Suspect. I watched the celebration yesterday and it looked pretty triumphant. But now I am seeing the narrative here and elsewhere and my suspicion alerts are off the board.

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The problem is that the nice little trick that folk like Ed and others perceive as a way to euchre the Republicans opens the door to chicanery, resentment, gaming, confusion and demagoguery, not to mention cries of betrayal from voters who believe that a federal plan should be, er, federal. A risky gamble, eh?

Maybe this is a nice ploy to move to the robust option. If it isn’t, I think all the celebrating is either premature or the sort of charade one enters when trying to make the best of a very shaky bargain.