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GOP Wants to Subject Us To Oligarchical Rule

Ex-Military and C.I.A. Officers Attack Obama Over Bin Laden Leaks –

Security officials and members of both parties in Congress have sharply criticized leaks about classified operations under Mr. Obama, as well as briefings for reporters on the Bin Laden raid and assistance to filmmakers making a movie about the operation. But the administration has also overseen an unprecedented number of prosecutions for disclosures to the press, and in June, Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. directed two United States attorneys to investigate recent leaks discussed in the Opsec video

via Ex-Military and C.I.A. Officers Attack Obama Over Bin Laden Leaks –

The GOP is grasping at straws in a sad effort to distract us from their true objective which is the subjection of the American people to oligarchical rule by a government controlled by a compliant Supreme Court a corrupt Congress and a puppet President. Sorry but no thanks.


Disgust With Both Parties Could Lead to A Democratic Rout in 2010

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My reasoning is simple.

The pattern may turn out to be Conservative candidates running against the GOP and primary candidates challenging Democrats.

If the fights in both parties tend this way, the Democrats win hands down. Almost no third party candidate wins. The sad exception last time was Lieberman who got defeated in the Democratic primary.

I believe the electoral dissent will boil over on the Republican side and result in third party runs by defeated GOP primary candidates. If Democrats avoid this pattern they have a lock both Senate and House.

The disgust with both parties comes from two different perceptions. Progressives are tired of bought and paid for Democrats. And the wingnut shrunken Republicans simply want to destroy the party they are ruining every time they open their mouths.

The best thing is that there is a majority that leans toward the Obama agenda. If that changes we are in deep trouble. We would be where we were when the minor dark age we live in was sealed in 1968.

I believe that fate will pass us by. Dems need to hang tough and keep battles within the party.

Republicans will be unable to. That means their fate is worse than it even is today.


COMMENT ON: Steele Doesn’t Argue With Radio Host Who Trashes Boehner And Blunt

If Michael Steele really agrees that the Republican leaders are boneheads and worse, he could become a hero by calling this out. But I doubt it will happen. In today’s climate no one would listen.

Enlightened Republican leadership would govern with and not against the President, who is himself a centrist.

The irony is that the ascent of wingnut Republican leadership means Obama will probably go down as the great liberal victor over a retrograde and shrinking GOP.

Either way his agenda will be enacted.

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Stupidity Ascendant Pelosi & Press

Pelosi says she was not informed by the CIA. I have little doubt that she will win this stupid waste of the press’s time. She knew that the CIA was waterboarding. But not because the CIA briefed her.  DUH and double DUH.

If the issue is important, it comes down to he said, she said, unless the CIA can produce proof that she was indeed briefed by them about active waterboarding activities and that her memory to the contrary  is faulty.

Otherwise, this is the media’s slavish effort to provide the GOP with a platform for the making of charges that are irrelevant. My devout hope is that the American people, minus hopeless wingnuts, will not be fooled.


And I recall my classmate Sen. Rockefeller at our 50th Exeter reunion — he was on the Intelligence Committee — telling us with assurance that neither political convention in the summer of ’04 would be free from terrorist attack. Wonder whose briefing he was echoing? And whether whoever they were would admit their false anticipation now.


FOX Says Jindal Bombs VIDEO


From Jindal’s speech:

“Democratic leaders say their legislation will grow the economy. What it will do is grow the government, increase our taxes down the line, and saddle future generations with debt. Who among us would ask our children for a loan, so we could spend money we do not have, on things we do not need? That is precisely what the Democrats in Congress just did. It’s irresponsible. And it’s no way to strengthen our economy, create jobs, or build a prosperous future for our children.”


Which ignores that 90 percent of the stim will go to private enterprise, that taxes are going down for all but the top two percent, that the President has set a target of 50 percent deficit reduction by the end of his first term. With arguments like these, the Republicans has best not waste their money opposing Democrats.


Stop Counting Losses — We Have 8 Years



We need to understand this is just the first salvo in an eight year, maybe a 16 year, struggle.

We will weed out the obstructionist Republicans in 2010. We will help turn the Republicans into a loyal, rather than a subversuve, opposition.

When we engage in the same sorts of fits we see in the various snippets of media frenzy, we are losing the long view and playing the paranoia card.

We are building a machine that can trump all the lobbyists in DC. It will not be built in a month, but it will be up and running pretty soon. I mean a Web capacity that is the exact equal of the smooth-running mega Obama campaign apparatus. We will be able to sort and flag Congress members and email them targeted messages on all matters of concern. We will be able to direct cash to every close contest of importance.

And remember this.

This is a huge learning process. The President is not first a doer. He is first a learner. If something does not work today, it will be made to work tomorrow. We should follow suit.

We have learned that most Republicans do not want to be a loyal opposition.  Those who feel that way can kiss their seats goodby. This is a matter of a new, civil politics.  We have learned that nice has no effect on wingnuts. But we will keep being nice just the same until election day.

This is the time of national growing up and taking charge from the grass roots up. When we can prove that by OUR actions we can begin to worry when we seem under attack. Most of us have not begun to fight.

The story above reminds us that the Senat compromise lost 600,000 jobs. The story of this year will be that we got them back and then some. Maybe not this week, but most certainly over time, nore and more.