Redundant Atheism-Religion Conversation

This Dawkins-McEwan intervew tends to oppose atheism and religion and therefore creates a certain redundancy, since religion in some sense is atheism, or rather it is the enterprise that makes a genuine and therefore agnostic spirituality the preferable alternative to either religion or atheism. Both atheism and religion claim to know. Athiesm knows there is no theos. Religion knows there is. Neither makes apposite sense since there is no way of knowing whether there is or not. Religion becomes noxious by building superstructires of theology on the foundation of untenable assumptions. Atheism builds a smart but ultimately fatuous case by throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

The baby in this analysis is a spirituality that is based not on knowing but on not knowing.  It is based on the assumption that knowing is ultimately the fruit of one’s personal experience. This is why it is sad to see, at times, an atheist who rejects his or her position and immediately becomes a Catholic or any other religion. The thing to become is what millions and millions already are — spiritual persons who believe from their experience that there is at least the possibility of fulfillment and that this is because human beings contain within them such inexplicable but determinative realities as freedom, a superconscious or higher self and a creativity which can be applied at will and produce what used to be understood to be miracles.