Robust, OK, But Get Smart, It Ain’t Just Rahm

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Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf???

Why am I singing this in my head? Because the notion that it is Rahm alone who is the villain in a projected submarining of robust is a mite fatuous.

If there is a Big Bad Wolf, his name will be Barack Obama. Rahm works for him.

But there isn’t a Big Bad Wolf.

We are still playing rope-a-dope. This Strategy has survived a summer when everyone said reform was dead.

It continues. Why? Because support takes time to build and support is what this is all about. Obama is really trying to make us a democracy again.

So. We will get a robust public option if the middle becomes more familiar with the truth  that a robust public option is really not a progressive thing. It’s a reasonable, common sense thing. Hell. A robust public option is conservative. It’s fiscally sound. It can be a lock.

So what should progressives be doing? As usual, winning the middle. Do you do that by slapping Rahm’s hand? I don’t think it makes a difference, other than to distract from the task and give the MSM another non-story.

Just as the MSM should stop treating lies and facts as two sides of an issue, progressives  should parse the Presidential words and realize that he has made the case for a robust public option repeatedly. Underlining and spreading that has been the bread and butter progressive strategy.

It is the only one that will prevail.