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Paul Ryan has mesmerized the media because intelligence is so lacking in Congress that its appearance alone induces interest. But Paul Ryan is if anything a more facile and worse liar than Romney. He has virtually no explanations for his draconian budget and his criticism of Obama is a lie whole cloth. This page of tweets is a good introduction to Ryan as an apostle of untruth.

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The Romney-Ryan Debacle

It’s no wonder that Mr. Romney does not want to take full responsibility for his running mate’s ideas. Mr. Romney hasn’t issued a real budget plan and appears to have no interest in doing so before the election, perhaps for fear that voters might realize how little they would like it. Mr. Ryan, on the other hand, has assembled two spending plans, both of which were passed by the House. While the country is fortunate they were never enacted, they reveal Republican priorities in a way that Mr. Romney up to now has avoided.

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NYT says Ryan-Romney have no interest in revealing damaging cuts in their draconian plan for America.


The Sound Bite War Between McCain and Romney Is Not The Real Difference

McCain and Romney are locked in a sound bite war. It is unimportant, The real issue is which nominee would make for a more civil campaign. McCain is favored in part because he is decent. Romney has given no proof that he would not resort to underhanded tactics in a Presidential campaign against Obama.

This may seem a strange way to look at the Presidential campaign, but I think Republicans need to reflect on the following scenario;

Barack is the candidate with a clear appeal to at least some Republicans and a whole lot of independents. Against McCain he seems like a winner. So too against Romney.

So the Republican establishment people who do not like McCain opt to support Romney and after a tough fight Romney is the candidate.

That is what I have been assuming as a plausible scenario, just as I have assumed Obama could and would beat Hillary Clinton.

I believe McCain would be a worthy candidate though I disagree with many of his emphases. I believe Mitt Romney would exacerbate the same tensions that the Clinton’s exacerbated in South Carolina.

One might argue that white supremacists will be out whether McCain or Romney is the candidate. The difference is in how the candidate would deal with it.


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Romney Ducks South Carolina, Gambles on Nevada

Ho, ho. I wonder. I thought Romney would do well to play the long-shot in SC and try to make it look like a three way close one. He apparently high-tailed for lightly-contested NV.

On one level I think that McCain and Huckabee — without Romney making a real bid — may cancel each other out if it’s close.

But that is not worth being put back into the role of a clear third, when you were tied for first.

Not too smart. I have the feeling Romney has defied the logic of momentum.

I am for Obama but I enjoy looking at the whole picture. Romney has made balkanization more likely than it was. If I were Huckabee I would be a happy camper.

And from Politico, the following from our friend Warren Tompkins.

“It’s always been the gateway, but you know what — the calendar has changed, the cycle is changing,” Warren Tompkins, Romney’s South Carolina strategist and a veteran consultant, said after a rally in Charleston.

“South Carolina is important, but it may end up that Florida is the gateway this time.”

Reminded that he was talking about his own native state, Tompkins argued that he was “not diminishing the primary.”

“We’re going to fight in it,” he promised. But, he reiterated, “the calendar has changed.”



Swift Boaters Move More to Romney than McCain

The noxious Swift Boaters are back and moving to Romney. The buzz is that they are moving to McCain but Christopher Hayes points out, in Return of the Swift Boaters, that Romney is the larger beneficiary. Says Hayes:

McCain’s Swift Boat bounty is exceeded only by that of Mitt Romney, who has raked in $70,550. Romney’s success with Swift Boat donors is significant because he has surpassed even McCain in his demonstrated willingness to do or say anything in pursuit of the presidency and because he has emerged as the GOP establishment’s favored candidate.

The malleable Romney stands to win massive support of the Republican establishment in South Carolina even if he is hammered in New Hampshire. He will be their chosen weapon to oppose both Huckabee and McCain. This has wierd echoes of the 2003 Bush march into office. And it could lead to almost exactly the same result at the polls.

Huckabee is the Republican party’s Obama but may face more of an uphill battle than Obama in securing his party’s nomination.

On all sides, the mantra should be, Think hard and hold the euphoria.

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