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Not Everything About Facebook Comes up Roses

Not everything about Facebook comes up roses. Here are a few posts that suggest what gives me pause about the entity.

Where on Facebook is Julian Assange’s Fundraising Page

February 6, 2011
Where on Facebook Is Julian Assange’s Fundraising Page. I can understand CNN’s reticence in not posting a link to Juliam Assange’s fundraising page on Facebook but how can one find it and be sure it is for real?
The Skeevy Side of Facebook – Double Tweet

January 26, 2011
Read the comments on the piece referenced below. I think they suggest that Facebook is not entirely what we might wish it to be. They also suggest the fragility of the virtual. And the low mentality in making the virtual primary. We need to build things.
Goldman is Screwing Around Again This Time with Facebook

January 3, 2011
Goldman Is Screwing Around Again This Time With Facebook – Prose by Stephen C. Rose
Facebook and Other Biggies Should Pay Users a Share of Ad Revenue

December 26, 2010
Facebook and Other Biggies Should Pay Users A Share of Ad Revenue – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose

Twitter Tip Using Twitter Search To Find Followers

Twitter Tip Using Search to Find Followers

I don’t like to work hard to find followers but do not use any software and I am selective, only inviting those with isernames that correspond to screen names except in special cases.

Today I reminded myself of how quickly you can follow folk (a way of inviting folk) using Twitter search. Any word will reveal a list of users who have posted about it. Just visit their profiles and invite followers of that person if you are drawn to them.

I do this by searching for words that are tags on my most recent blog post (which is my most recent tweet). If my tag is hemingway I would search hemingway and click on profiles of recent posters with the same interest. And then on real names among their followers.

It’s a quick way of expanding your Twitter family.

Another note: I have started to do the same with those who RT an update of mine. I also link to their sites if I am drawn to them.

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