The state has no business saying what marriage is

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I have an odd position on marriage based on my view that the state has no business saying what marriage is and involving itself in a fundamentally religious activity. My belief is that marriage should be a religious ceremony with no relation to the laws of a state and that a separate ceremony performed by the state should be accorded those of any gender who wish to have a civil union. No one will do this but it it would be the right thing to do and pull the rug out from a whole lot of self righteous talk which demeans religion.

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Civil Unions Should Be Required of All — Marriages Should Be “Religious”

The headline says it all. This is the solution. It always has been. The laws around marriage are from the state and we should call assent to these laws the basis of … civil unions. Marriages are religious constructs. They should be non-legal ceremonies in religious institutions. The present confusion is the result of a cultural fudging of what we call the separation of church and state.

Two ceremonies regardless of gender. Civil if you want legal protections. Marriage either to bless such unions or bless one that does not want the protections of the law.