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4 Posts on Food Safety

These posts will not save you from the dangers of random poisoning and other mishaps that accompany the ingestion of food as an inevitable consquence of our need for nourishment. But they do carry a warning or two.

In a world going global, food safety requires regulation. In a world awash in oil, we need to think about the relation of food and energy

Radiated Food

Mildred Purse goes for the grit in the headlines, far beyond the typical news-gatherer’s ken. She finds this disturbing piece of important information and thanks Abba that Greenpeace is keeping us honest while everyone else lies.
Suicide Is Many Faceted Take Processed Foods – Senryu with Slides

We eat processed food With unknown ingredients The death rate rises And our dear government subsidizes junk food producers
Obama Puts Teeth in Food Safety

Obama Puts Teeth in Food Safety – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
In My World There is No Fast Food

June 7, 2010
“Howl” spoke of the destruction of the best minds of our generation. No Fast Foods

WhiteHouse.Gov Key to Transparency Era

The White House web site will be the epicenter of a seismic change in the way democracy works in the USofA. Here the brains behind Change.Gov,  Kevin Merritt, the CEO and founder of blist states just what to look for as Barack’s promise of transparency unfolds. There are links aplenty for the curious:


President Barack Obama was sworn into office this week as our nation?s 44th president. Despite running into a few technical challenges in the first few days at the White House, the Obama Administration will embrace technology in unprecedented ways. Led by forward thinking, web savvy technologists, President Obama?s new media team looks poised and ready to fulfill President Obama?s vision of open-source democracy.

President Obama has vowed to continue video recording his fireside chats and publishing them via YouTube and other video sites. With the transition of WhiteHouse.gov to the new administration, for the first time ever an official White House blog came online. You can sign up for email updates from the president. Through the blog, Mr. Obama is the first U.S. president to have an RSS feed!

The Obama Administration has been conducting bold experiments in interactive government. The Citizen?s Briefing Book, powered by Salesforce.com, has allowed citizens to suggest topics Mr. Obama should consider upon taking office. Once a topic was submitted, other visitors to the Citizen?s Briefing Book could vote the topic up or down and comment on it. Voting, ranking and commenting are hallmark features of web-based, social media applications.

The new Administration has brought forth a new era of honest, open, participatory and transparent government by creatively employing web-based software from innovative companies like Google, Facebook, Salesforce.com and blist. We?re eager to see the use of these technologies extended to WhiteHouse.gov initially and from there we?d love to see more government agencies quickly embrace web technologies to promote communication, transparency and participation.