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Abba is the one Jesus prayed to


Abba is the one Jesus prayed to. His name means father, dad or friend. Abba is Aramaic, Jesus’ tongue. By any name, he is in everyone. “In everyone” means none are set aside, forgotten or deemed unworthy of Abba. Abba’s joy is in contact with those who never dreamed of being one with him.

From Abba’s Way 100 Aphorisms in “The Jesus Interview”

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Nietzsche said revaluation of values is the supreme task of the philosopher. Nietzsche called philosophers lawgivers. And yet the world continues to operate as though values were not something we are called to revise, develop, enunciate. The position of these recent reflections is allied with Nietzsche. The values suggested are vastly different from the usual, traditional pantheon.


From “Abba’s Way” — On The Despisers of the Body

“On The Despisers of the Body*

If you despise your body please hear this
Without your body you would not be you
Are soul and body one yes one it is
It is the body that lets soul come through
Awake to all that is your body now
Within your body sense and reason live
The spirit ranges from toe tip to brow
Body and soul they are a single gift
Your body is the home of being itself
Whose reason exceeds your imagined store

Allow your mind to wander yes to delve
Then day by day you will know more and more
Your spirit and your body they are one

Despisers of the body will not hear
Still Abba speaks good news a new day comes
One day our wholeness will be crystal clear

From “Abba’s Way”


From “Abba’s Way” — On Lonesomeness

*On Lonesomeness*

Today I wish to speak of lonesomeness
Lonesomeness does not mean being alone
Lonesomeness is more a lasting state
That only ends when Abba is embraced.
Then lonely is a simple need for touch
And lonesomeness a state that is no more

Too simple yes I do believe that’s so
For lonesomeness has layers broad and deep
And its effects can be disastrous
For lonesomeness arises from strong fears
In broadest terms it is a loss of place
A loss of feeling tied to everyone

Once no man was an island, but no more
Once there were shores and boundaries no more.
Even the bars of language start to fade
And definition seeks some new context
And no one really knows what happens next

And yet we know the care we thought we had
Is hardly care at all — it has no life
We witness waves of accident and death
In small or large, it makes no difference
We live now side by side with genocide
The fabric of community so frayed,
That we can hardly know a valid way

The valid way I offer you have heard
It is the only cure for lonesomeness
Abba within is within everyone
Beyond belief or will or promises
Abba within is this it simply is

Do not be judge of this in others’ eyes
Assuming it’s not there if you can’t see
Do not walk back and forth and moralize
This one is bourgeois this one is OK
Accept and wait until the truth is known
Not with displays mass shouts or festivals
Let knowledge hearing actions be your guide
And if connection languishes move on
To dwell on misconnection makes no sense
Accept move on beyond your lonesomeness

Here is one reason why my time is now
To stave off waves of lonesomeness and angst
Not with sweet doses of naiveté
But with these words of old stripped of their age

The good news once is still the good news now
Perhaps a better news for all our pains
The realm of Abba’s here it is at hand
Turn turn turn turn accept and all is well

And yet I know you well enough to know
You seek a proof you seek some form of show

How long must you know Abba is within
Before the light of this close tie is seen
I tell you some days it will be high bright,
And other days it will show but low light.

Still I say Abba always is within
Each day you fail to see is one day lost
But even that is wrong for Abba holds
You in the deepest love when you see not

We whirl like bits or flour in a bowl
Afraid that we’ll all be submerged and lost
But here the gift I give can save you now
Your lonesomeness is ended take the prize

Abba is deep within you take your stand
Step out reach out go out stretch out a hand
Turn lonesomeness to lonely then you’re free
Acknowledge lonely see it cease to be

From “Abba’s Way”


New WCC Head and The Hermeneutical Conundrum

You may read the inaugural sermon of the new head of the World Council of Churches here.

He says, essentially that there is one sine qua non, without which nothing, bottom line.

“Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”

It has ever been thus since the beginning. The canonical gospels lay the basis for the creedal religion of Christianity and the fundamental creeds contain the emphasis that derives from St. Paul’s declension of reality. Which happens to include the earliest text in the New Testament, if not the earliest recorded memories.

So. If I say there is a different understanding of the gospel, I am in a distinct and hardly heeded minority. But I say it anyway.

What Jesus said is why he was killed and it is a message that is palpably universal, just as Paul’s message is palpably in your face and divisive.

Jesus said that the One he called Abba in his daily prayer is near at hand and that this is the gospel or good news. He said that those who repent their wrongdoing and accept the powerful reality of Abba’s presence are capable of ascending to the exalted state of little children who have no airs to put on. He said in short that religion as we have known it, including the religion that would be articulated by Paul, was, and is, kaput.

There is enough to corroborate this point of view on this site. My book on creedal messianism is here. The Kindle edition is here. “The Way of Abba” is here.


My ‘Daniel Fast’

As a seminary graduate and author of at least ten books which explicitly consider the relevance of religion, I largely agree with you. I have singled out religion as a problem to be reckoned with, not a solution to our problems.

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