Frank Rich’s Tiger Problem

The problem with Frank Rich is that he does not understand spectrum thinking. He wants to see Tiger as a complete con in the wake of his womanizing. And he wants to skewer those who built their advertising on the idea of Tiger as the total package good guy family man golf genius.

When I think of Tiger I think of him as a golf genius. If I am honest I never saw him as a family man because I assumed Elin was a trophy bride. Nasty of me, but that is how it looked. And when I compared Tiger’s body lingo with her to his transparently amorous body lingo with his mom and pop, well there was no comparison.

So when it came about that Tiger did the same thing many do with women who are complicit in a society that venerates the sexy young thing — how one is attracted to such if one has a brain is another question — I was not shocked in the least.

But this story is not about that. It is about the inability of the world to accept the way things are.

The key to changing things is to remind people that they are in control and that we are all a spectrum from the most stupid and irresponsible bands to the most sage and caring ones. From lowest to highest. We can go from one to the other in a trice. We are everything.

It is out of this volatility, the spectrum nature of everything, that we see the truth of Tiger Porn Coverage. Most of it it is an effort to capture salaciousness from what is actually pretty pathetic.


The real Tiger is not what has been revealed in the recent porn coverage. Nor, one hopes, is it the real America.

Which is what renders Jesus’s judge not and cast the first stone eternally relevant those who have the inestimable privilege of an audience of millions for their perorations.


Tiger in The Forests of the Night

Tiger, Tiger burning bright
In the forests of the night
What immortal hand or eye
Framed your immortal symmetry

Tiger at Bellagio
Where the highest rollers go
What temptation was so strong
That everything could go so wrong

Tiger in seclusion now
Consequences on your brow
Memories of cheers have fled
Memories of love are dead

Time’s a healer it is true
The answer always was in you
And when you find it you will know
And then it will be time to go


COMMENT ON: Tiger Woods and the Problem of Porn Culture in US Celebrity Life

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For more than a century, what passes for religion has been most visibly the moralistic fundamentalisms of the world. These are are shards of lost creedal faiths. Creedal faith fell to the realities of evolutionary science and thought. There will never be a recovery of these though there may be exemplary ways of life we can derive from past prophets and seers.

The need for ritual and celebration remains constant however. Which helps explain why kids plaster Tiger all over their walls. Or did. And why we are so awash in celebrity mania.

It is all part of the discourse aimed at helping us through the loss of transcendence.

I find the nostrums advocated here somewhat ostrich-like and superficial. I suspect that in time a penitent Tiger will do more to alter people’s notion of maturity than moralistic outbursts advocating a withdrawal from reality.