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Three John Boehner Posts

For some reason John Boehner has elicited more response than any other person I have commented on. Here are three samples of such commentaries.


Boehner Enemy

Boehner’s Call – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose. John Boehner could be subjected to enough Tea Party immaturity to split the GOP or else force him to make them grow up, an impossible task perhaps. Either way he’s left holding the bag.
Boehner Gets an A

Boehner Clarity – A Few Lines by Stephen C. Rose. Go to the front of the class John. You get an A.
Boehner Goes Down

John Boehner Is Going Down – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose. John Boehner is the Majority Leader and because John Boehner is lying to the American people he and his party will go down like the Titanic in 2012.