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The Limits of Embracing the Suck

Embracing the suck is a military term now going viral as jargon, meaning that we have reached the end of a time of passionate defense, as Placemakers puts it. That is how the recent turn of Mr. Boehner, seeming to skewer the so-called far right, those who loved the shut-down, is being taken. And that is also how progressives led by Nancy Pelosi are characterizing the compromise, which will seemingly protect us from more of the same from the GOP. But this turn to military jargon, this active embrace, merely affirms the binary nature of thinking in a world that calls out for triadic values and triadic thought. Triadic philosophy is all about building a future that does not suck. The reality we need to transcend is the suck that exists. The ethic that must modify that reality is tolerance of on-the-ground diversity, creation of a fair floor for all and local leadership that enlivens community. This leads to acts and expressions that explicitly alter the the suck we are embracing. That suck is the oil-automobile stranglehold on everyone. That is what the military defends. That is what our dysfunctional society is built on. We live in a world still dominated by a binary code. My way or the highway. And the highway we are on is literally made of Koch asphalt and Koch concrete and navigated by Koch oil. Triadic thinking moves past either-or. The fruit of triadic thinking is what does not suck, something better than what we have now. So suck is transformed by encounter with ethics into aesthetic intent. Truth and beauty lie in a world that has begun the slow, caring creation of communities of the future, beyond the domination of oil and the automobile. A future based on tolerance, helpfulness and democracy. A future where idols are less in control. And conscious triadic thinking has put the binary in its place.