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Inching Toward Triadic Philosophy

The binary division of thought and feelings avoids the fact that thinking in terms of ethics and aesthetics integrates reason and emotion.

Thinking in terms of ethics and aesthetics is the basis of Triadic Philosophy – my term and the title of this summary:

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To divide thought and feeling is to misunderstand ourselves.

Our actions involve both reason and emotion.

Both ethics and aesthetics are a mix of reason and emotion.

Those who contend that action stems from unconscious impulse deny our freedom to stop and think.

Consciousness combines emotion and reason in actions that are tolerant, helpful and democratic.

A binary division is one which turns into opposites things that naturally mingle. Like reason and emotion.

Consciousness is the option that a person uses to express his or her freedom to choose.

Consciousness is the foundation of the realized life.

Ayn Rand was not wrong to insist on thought but her values were neither universal nor apposite.

Libertarians fail when they do not integrate tolerance, democracy and helpfulness with non-idolatry.

Triadic Philosophy is an advance on libertarian thought because it integrates Reality, Ethics and Aesthetics.

Consciousness creates progress by thinking triadically.

The capacity of a third option to break a dualistic logjam is obvious.

The capacity of triadic thinking to elaborate decisions within the flow of time is infinite.

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Continuity is central in Triadic Philosophy.

50.  Continuity is central in Triadic Philosophy.

51.   We move in one direction.

51a. We never stand still.

51b. Continuity is synonymous with life itself.

51c. We owe our understanding of continuity to Charles Sanders Peirce.

52.  Continuity and chronology are related.

52a. Time may contract and bend under some circumstances.

52b.  Continuity prevails. We move forward.

“Welcome to an integral philosophy for the 2000s. Going on 1500 entries. Updated 3 May, 2013. Contact the author at steverose @ Triadic Philosophy is an intellectual and spiritual revolution in progress. It is taking place @stephencrose on Twitter. This text is the first truly integral philosophy to grow out of the thinking of Charles Sanders Peirce. It is not Peirce, but it could not exist without him. It takes Peirce’s vision of triadic thinking, thinking in threes, and grafts it to the revolutionary Triad – Reality, Ethics.”

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Ego is a nominalist misnomer

1050. Ego is a nominalist misnomer.

1050a. We are will.

1050a1. Ego does not imply or encompass the higher self.

1050a2. Ego exists only in the imagination of psychology.

1050b. We are life.

1050c. We are freedom.

1050c1. We can forgive and seek forgiveness.

1050d.  Will and freedom enable us to choose the values we live by.

1050d1. Values range from the ugly and tawdry to the efficacious and beautiful.

1050e. As Albert Schweitzer said, “We are life that wills to live midst life that wills to live.”

The above is a sampling from the work in progress Triadic Philosophy, a Kindle book. I have set the price at $9.99 and it will not change although the book will grow substantially.  As it does, Kindle users will be able to download the latest version (by managing their Kindle). This is an alternative mode of expressing thought and it could only occur in the context of cyber-space. This is a book that is literally being played out on Twitter. While it is meant to strike at the heart of dualistic philosophy, it is also meant to be a clear and useful iteration of thinking that is universal in relevance. Triadic Philosophy will not be able, as it grows, to be relegated to any group or category or school of thought whatsoever. We are beyond that. You can sample more of  Triadic Philosophy and purchase or borrow the book (if a Kindle Prime member) by clicking the image below.

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Everything is real. The rest is classification (phenomenology) and judgment (ethics, aesthetics).

Everything is real. The rest is classification (phenomenology) and judgment (ethics, aesthetics)..