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Recent Tweets of Note

Mark McKinnon on Plouffe and Obama //it’s the synergy that will work IMO

Harold Ford’s Formula for Democratic Recovery

Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan Goes Belly Up — worth less than half what it was during boom.

McChrystal says we should settle with the Taliban — enough fighting already.

Despite Today’s Meme, Things Look Good for Democrats Long Term

Axelrod: Obama’s State of Union to focus on jobs

Rivals will vie with Apple for tablet spotlight

Design — When More Is Decidedly Less

Plouffe is back in the Obama driver’s seat

Al Qaeda now has female suicide bombers

More Than 150,000 Have Been Buried, Haiti Says

Sen. Kerry Says He’ll Vote for Bernanke

How liberals can take back the foreign policy mantle.

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pattern language, politics

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Will Apple’s iSlate Corner The Print Market — Hard To Believe It Will Be The Only Option

U.S. tightens international air security

The Art of #hcr Ping Pong

Why Cheney Is Full of It — Obama’s Terror Warriors NYTMag – I have posted many related… (rejoinder to HuffPo Comment)

In 2004 CEO pay ratio to average worker pay was 475 to 1. Nearest was Venezuela where it was 50 to 1. Japan 11 to 1. //sicko

U.S. Growth Prospects Deemed Bleak In New Decade By Economists:


Significant Recent Tweets Posted November 6, 2009


Significant Tweets from Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Significant Tweets from Wednesday, November 4, 2009

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(Important things that warrant more than casual attention)

No Difference Between President Obama and Candidate Obama // //Plouffe sets Arianna straight

An Open Note To David Plouffe: From The Obama Blog VIDEO We Have A Lot of Work To Do

O’Donnell To Steele: “You Led Your Party To A Disastrous Loss… Congratulations” (VIDEO)

Read this obit of Qian Xuesen. Cold War =ed FBI and Red Scare Mentality Run Rampant

Bloomberg shouldn’t be shocked. His campaign was a travesty of misspent money on rotten ads. Poor show all around.

Post Election: Mark has it right at Daily Kos but proposes no solution. I do here:

Looks like labor pushed Owen over the top in NY 23

Hoffman’s Loss Amplified if You Give Owens Dede’s Votes //wingnut presidential wannabes took a big loss


Significant Tweets for Tuesday November 3, 2009

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Nebraska Voters Favor Public Option, Want Ben Nelson To Back It Read more at: Lieberman on board, quoth Reid //how far can you throw Lieberman?

NY Times Tightening Access — All this will do is shift readers to free online sources. Beast posts “direct” links then signup intervenes. Brits will cut too big to fail banks dawn to size — chop ’em up.

Bullets are selling faster than factories can make them,

Palin’s undelivered victory and concession speeches whole. (She praises Obama.)

Prepping for A Democratic Bloodbath: