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Two YouTube Treasures and a Prognostication

Two YouTube treasures are treasures indeed and the prognostication is just that, a supposition based on fairly obvious tendencies to move in the direction of minimalism, simplicity and on demand.

115 Views is Not Enough for Charles Sanders Peirce

February 17, 2011
So I am publishing this link to a YouTube video where you can get to know the man who never could hold an academic job and otherwise messed up in one way and another but whose life was a continuous trail of genius thrusts.
A Song and a Picture from Tahir Square on YouTube is Worth a Million Words

February 6, 2011
A song and a picture from Tahir Square on YouTube is worth a million words. Egypt caught it from Tunisia Tunisia caught it from the wind the wind that blew first in Athens and then Jerusalem and now YouTube a picture and a song.
YouTube Will Sink TV No Doubt – It’s a Choice Thing

September 15, 2010
YouTube Will Sink TV No Doubt – It’s A Choice Thing. A bit of free association related to the fact that the live video audience grew six times plus in the year just past.