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Six-word Memoirs about Boston Marathon Bombings

Sent to me by my friend  Henry who lives near Boston. He writes: “This is from a poetry course I’m taking with high school sophomores.”

Six-word Memoirs about Boston Marathon Bombings
CCHS Intergenerational Poetry Group – April 26, 2013

Marathon was a nightmare never dreamed. (Caroline B.)

Two men – few killed, hundreds injured. (Caroline B.)

Boston never the same – so strong. (Caroline B.)

I’m shocked (4 more times). (Bea S.)

What’s to say? Words not enough. (Bea S.)

My brother called, from San Diego. (Bea S.)

Winners and losers happened in Boston. (Joan S.)

Bomb blast, leg lost, dance again! (Ellen H.)

Beautiful day: goes up in smoke. (Bee L.)

Another good reason to avoid running. (Bee L.)

Watertown and Afghanistan: places under fire. (Bee L.)

One day, two bombs, four lives. (Carter M.)

Cherish every moment that you live. (Carter M.)

I am alive seeking unconditional love. (Tom D.)

Must smile – too lazy to frown. (Tom D.)

Bombs go off, lives changed forever. (Lillian D.)

Livers were changed – Boston grew stronger. (Julie A.)

A docked boat can’t sail away. (Becca W. )

Where were you when tragedy struck? (Becca W.)

Weaker a moment, stronger a lifetime. (Becca W.)

One mistake causes a big effect. (Andrew K.)

Horrific event on a great day. (Andrew K.)

It is done, no going back. (Andrew K.)

My first time, now my last. (Timmeh B.)

Three people gone, two criminals captured. (Timmeh B.)