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Of Values and Presidential Persecution of Bradley Manning

Short Form Content: What is natural is insightful self-observation
Jun 28, 2011
Thus the choice of values is thus the prime element of a liberating freedom. The values of Abba’s way are tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry. Posted by Stephen C. Rose at 3:12 AM ยท Email This BlogThis! …

Short Form Content: Why Does President Obama Keep Persecuting …
Jun 16, 2011
He is turning into a scapegoat of massive dimensions. This is rank stupidity. Pardoning Bradley would say to the world that the President walks the walk when he talks about freedom and justice as universal values. …
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Not Everything About Facebook Comes up Roses

Not everything about Facebook comes up roses. Here are a few posts that suggest what gives me pause about the entity.

Where on Facebook is Julian Assange’s Fundraising Page

February 6, 2011
Where on Facebook Is Julian Assange’s Fundraising Page. I can understand CNN’s reticence in not posting a link to Juliam Assange’s fundraising page on Facebook but how can one find it and be sure it is for real?
The Skeevy Side of Facebook – Double Tweet

January 26, 2011
Read the comments on the piece referenced below. I think they suggest that Facebook is not entirely what we might wish it to be. They also suggest the fragility of the virtual. And the low mentality in making the virtual primary. We need to build things.
Goldman is Screwing Around Again This Time with Facebook

January 3, 2011
Goldman Is Screwing Around Again This Time With Facebook – Prose by Stephen C. Rose
Facebook and Other Biggies Should Pay Users a Share of Ad Revenue

December 26, 2010
Facebook and Other Biggies Should Pay Users A Share of Ad Revenue – Quatrain by Stephen C. Rose
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Defending Bradley Manning Slide Shows

Bradley Manning is the best example living of one unjustly accused, if we weigh the good that his act of conscience has done and the amount of hypocrisy it has spawned as media plunder his work while excoriating him. The NYT is the main offender.

NYT Does Bradley Manning A Great Disservice

This is shabby. Banal. A lack of loyalty. A snobbish and unworthy unwillingness to defend a hero of our time. The NYT will suffer the umbrage of history for this callous failure to champion one who has been the source of its most interesting news.


Petraeus Should Hire Bradley Manning

Mildred has been upset ever since our government started torturing Bradley. She prays daily that our sad nation will come to its senses. Bradley is a hero, says she.


Bradley Manning Languishes While Everyone Makes Money Because He Was Brave

This effort to focus conscience on the Bradley Manning case is also inclusive of the travesties of Guantanamo, the idiocy of thinking we can win the war on terror with armed violence and the perfidy on all sides.