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How Hillary Can Win


Smile — even when you say something serious. Smile before and after.


Do not refer to Trump by name.


Call him “My opponent” and always smile after you say it.


Asked to say why you no longer call him by name say you have a name for him but it is not fit for, um, general use. Maybe in the debate.


This should become a social media sensation.


If it does become a sensation, say “I am sure there are lots of candidates for the right name.”


This campaign has been about name-calling. I am about winning. And being the President of everyone.


Get some of the folk who did stuff for Barack to do the same for you.


Say you would welcome Ivanka into your administration.


Visit the Pettus Bridge in Selma with John Lewis. Very low key.


Visit Bush 1.


Meet with Bernie and Elizabeth and three supportive billionaires in Zucotti Park and propose a study of Universal Basic Income to replace most entitlements. A five year investigation with the goal of major reform. Note that UBI has support on all sides. (Option — Drop some Wall Street speech texts.)


When you are ahead in the polls, smile. Nod. Say we intend to win. No further comment. No grandstanding. When behind say, Who says? (Smile either way)


At debate note that he (no name, remember) was called a fraud by Mitt. Why?


At the debate, ask why he insulted John McCain. Why? (Smile)


At the debate, say you assume Lester will ask him about his tax returns.


At the debate, ask him about his record of hiring.


Hold a press conference at the gate of his palatial Florida estate.


Add to the name of your campaign to STRONGER TOGETHER — A BETTER WAY


Put kids in your ads talking directly to voters.

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TRIADIC WORLD is the smartest look at the future there is

Originally written for and published on NEWSVINE

Stephen Rose, originator of Triadic Philosophy, announced the publication of TRIADIC WORLD: Advanced Thinking and called it “the smartest look at the future there is.”

The new book, available for $2.99 only on Kindle, joins over 100 original texts Rose believes will become the nucleus of a global publishing venture of million-sellers. Short books written for the young. They cover all aspects of a 50-year quest for clarity on how we can move from a world based on conflict to one that rests on principles of nonviolence and universal values.

“These books understand we are moving past binary culture to a triadic world. A world more tolerant, helpful and democratic. Nowhere is this world better outlined than in TRIADIC WORLD.” Rose suggests.

The text outlines a globe that is largely democratic, that has accepted the phasing out of oil and the car as the basis of the economy. The world is evolving cybercommunities, highly-adaptable, high-tech cities where the emphasis is on people prospering in an economy that works for all.

“We are not utopians. We know we are fallible. But we do make progress. And TRIADIC WORLD will help us all think about what that means,” Rose said.

Rose, a lifelong writer and musician, is the author and publisher of Esto Books which are publicized exclusively on NEWSVINE.

You can read a free sample and purchase TRIADIC WORLD at the address below.

TRIADIC WORLD: Advanced Thoughts by Stephen C. Rose

Here, exclusively, are the first three of more than 200 thoughts of varying lengths that will get you started scoping out a viable future for ourselves and our children.

1. Triadic philosophy assumes that the age of the automobile is ending along with the age of oil.

2. The end of oil and the eclipse of the automobile are essential to the creation of a just planet.

3. The world has so increased the speed of change that this very century will see developments that lead us past the current age.

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10 SECOND PRAYERS — Revolutionary Spirituality to Rock a Sleeping World

10 SECOND PRAYERS — Revolutionary Spirituality to Rock a Sleeping World

Esto Books announces the publication on NEWSVINE of 10 SECOND PRAYERS — Revolutionary Spirituality to Rock a Sleeping World

Published for the cappucino-priced figure of a mere $2.99, this beautiful new text will spice up your life, whether you memorize these, share them or place them prominently in your bulletins and other messages.

The author of these prayers is Stephen C. Rose and you can find him and his 230K followers @stephencrose on Twitter. Rose, whose Esto Books are publicized exclusively on NEWSVINE, has well over 100 killer books on Kindle and they are poised to light up the whole globe with a brand new philosophy for this brand new century.

10 SECOND PRAYERS (POETICS) by Stephen C. Rose

Go and grab your copy of these remarkable prayers now. Want to see a sample? Just click the address above and you can read the first of these.

Rose intends to build his million-seller publishing empire without spending a dime on advertising. Using Kindle to publish. Using NEWSVINE to tell the world. And Twitter as his home page.

Be among the first to say you were there when this great venture took its first step to mega-success.

Originally published at on September 16, 2016.