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Are You Looking For Quatrains?

During the last six months I have written more than 500 quatrains. Here is a menu of Quatrains by Stephen C. Rose. Here is a menu of just a few of my quatrains.

What is a quatrain. In my book it can be anything that has a poetic aspect and is four lines long. More generally it is four lines in some understandable meter and rhyme.

I do not write quatrains merely to create poetry. I write them because I am a believer in the short form. If I can say what I want in four lines, why write a blog like this?

I see no reason.

I also believe that quatrains can summarize a key point – usually an opinion – just as well as a paragraph or several paragraphs of prose.

I sometimes compose quatrains to a tune because I have been a songwriter for most of my life. If the subject reminds me  of McArthur Park I will write to the meter.

I was never writing to be read/ I wrote to ease my head

And so forth.

Yesterday I wrote a quatrain to express a fairly fine point in philosophy relating to semiotics and Derrida’s declension of Peirce. It raises my own solution to the question under discussion:

It is called “Mind Over Sign”.

I say to the sign man Sir please say
Could the mind not start and stop a sign
And if a sign might simply be a word
Could not a word transcend all time

I do not punctuate my quatrains. I write them on news. On philosophy. On theology. And so forth.

If you would like a slant on the day, I would invite you to bookmark my Associated Content profile page for a daily selection of short form writing, mostly quatrains and brief topical slideshows featuring my own art.

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It is an evolution beyond blogging.


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Schmooze My Profile Page

This is an open invitation to all to schmooze my  profile at Yahoo Contributor Network aka Associated Content.


Because it represents a model for anyone who believes as I do that eventually most people will be paid via the Web and that most of what is transacted will be transacted on line. In such a world the only way to get paid is via a system of micropayment that is keyed to factors that are largely impossible to calibrate on a blog. I moved to Associated content for precisely this reason.

But it was hardly the only or most important reason.

I wanted a place where I could, over time, organize my work and make it easily searchable. There is no better platform for this than my  profile page.

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This is not a huge advance relatively speaking, but it is progress.

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