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The Lord’s Prayer: Twelve Lines to Make A Revolution

From The Lord’s Prayer: Twelve Lines to Make A Revolution Kindle Store


My position is pure idea. It floats in the cybersphere. It rests on realities that are real, built into the very patterns of reality. Realities that can only become tangible by a mind – any mind.. That’s my position. Why? Because the day of gurus and followers is over, just as the day of large anonymous institutions ordering individuals about is ending. What people become they becoime and more and more that is not subject, I propose, to anything but four values built into the very fabric of what is true and beautiiful and real.

These values are tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry.

To all who read and absorb: Read this as pure idea. Treat it as pure thought. As a sign. A blown kiss from Ophelia. Hamlet passing by. Jesus over there. A burning bush.

No religion necessary? None! A pure idea.

No creed needed? No, none at all! What you believe, you believe.

Read this as a pure idea. A pure idea alone. Then watch the world around you doff religion, then ideology, then theory to arrive at that primal iconoclasm at the heart of non-idolatry, to cleave to the strength at the heart of tolerance, to embrace the enabling understading that is helpfulness and to form bottom up the democracies of the future.

Take your place in the spirituality that is emerging/

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The only US alternative to a piecemeal approach in the war theaters of the Middle East

The only US alternative to a piecemeal approach in the war theaters of the Middle East is an articulation of a policy of Zero Tolerance supplemented by an intentional withdrawal of all active military intervention in that part of the world. This would be seen as isolationism and is therefore unacceptable, But it needs to be re-parsed. Our dismal record of counter-intelligence, mercenary reliance, strewing weaponry about and now paying for trillions in military folly, must be closed. I advocated after 9/11 a Sherlock Holmes stance, using brains and investigation to deal with surgically difficult situations, all the while keeping up a stream of informative patter about what we were actually doing. Our military apparatus and our hapless intelligence empire is the overgrown, obese child of the dream of the Dulles Brothers, which set the binary course following WW2. That gave us the charade of the Cold War and its transition into the absurdly-run War on Terror. The withdrawal from military involvement in the Middle East is essentially a willingness to confront Big Oil and say that American interests are not worth protecting in a world where the tail has the power to wag the dog. We need to recreate a world that cannot operate that way. And that will take an entire revolution in how we do things in the US. It will be a post oil world that functions beyond the unrealistic policies which assumes you can bring order to a madhouse. All we do by functioning as we do abroad is increase the probability that our mindless ways will take further root here. Zero Tolerance is saying we are serious about our values, that we are serious enough to believe that the world’s peoples will rise up to affirm them if they really sense that they can do so without becoming caught in the wars we are still waging., Zero Tolerance says the US begins and ends on our shores and that our values should obtain universally. We cannot force that development. But we can get out of the way. And we have enough trouble getting them to work here to be taskmasters anywhere else.

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Why Arts Are Screwed

“Why Arts Are Screwed

I figured an attention getting title, but what I write will be both controversial and I believe correct.

First arts are not totally screwed, since there is a lot bubbling up that we do not admit into the exclusive circle of what we mean by art.

Indeed it is this circle that is the problem. In the philosophy I champion (if one comes up with something one has a few bragging rights) my basic triad is Reality, Ethics and Aesthetics. Aesthetics is not the Art World we know (and love-hate). It is every action of every human being and it is evaluated according to an ethical scale that ranges from true and beautiful at the top to ugly and harmful and ultimately murderous at the bottom. If we want to bring back the arts we stop saying “bring them back” and start identifying art as every action that we take. Once this is comprehended and digested, everyone is seen as an artist.

The Bard saw this. Performance is what we do, even if the only audience is us. Criticism is us looking at what we do and everything else. Art is in the eye, the ear, the nose, the feeling hand, etc.

I think people know this. I think the world is moving in the direction of a triadic openness to the future, replacing the binary snap-the-door-shut heritage that we continue to glean from the likes of Aristotle, who – after all – mentored such binary thinkers as Augustine and Aquinas.

The understanding I am suggesting is vastly more powerful as an impulse toward “the arts” than efforts that treat the arts as a category of education or activity. It isn’t. It is all the activity there is.”

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From “Three Helpful Habits” – A Kindle Book

From “Three Helpful Habits” – A Kindle Book

Habit One


Know your higher self. Actively seek guidance on things large and small. Talking to yourself need not be a monologue. You take both parts and what you hear will come from a higher place.

Guidance is reliance
on a friend
You already know
that he is near
Call him Abba or
your higher self
He will be
your partner
Do not fear

Open up a notebook or a page

Write or type
whatever you
seek help with

Ask for guidance

Ask for good advice.
Even seek a list of
what to do

Over time you
may come to rely
on the One within
who hears your

Sometimes simply
simple moves
Other times
facilitating choice

Three Helpful Habits: DIY to Get Your Life on Track (Triadic Philosophy Book 2)

abba's way

Three Helpful Habits A Kindle Book

From “Three Helpful Habits” A Kindle Book

Habits can be terrible or a wonderful thing. It depends on how they are built. Mindless habits are generally risky. One gets into smoking, drinking or drugs on the basis of conformism and impulse, without any prior thought, and the result is a change in life that could be fatal. The habits that are positive and to be cherished are the product of a series of triadic events. Let me explain.

Three-stage thinking involves at the most elementary level a reality, an index and some practical result. The reality is whatever issue or event you want to consider. The index is an ethical list of ontological values: tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry. The conclusion of the triadic thinking process is the submission of the meeting of reality and the ethical index to the demands of truth and beauty. This is the aesthetic expression and action that ensues from the consideration. You will find a thorough explanation of this process in the book “Changing Your Heart and Mind” which is the first in the series of Triadic Philosophy works in my Kindle collection. The point of introducing this here is to make clear that this conscious thought process can facilitate a move toward the creation of new and evolving habits

To get to a good habit should be high on the dance card of individuals who are thoughtful. A good habit is essentially something that requires no thought preamble. It is just something we do because it makes sense. Once it is in place and practiced, we do not need to think.

Three Helpful Habits: DIY to Get Your Life on Track (Triadic Philosophy Book 2)
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“Changing your Heart and Mind” A Kindle Book

“Changing your Heart and Mind” A Kindle Book is up now.

From “Changing your Heart and Mind” A Kindle Book

Most human problems can be resolved by a change of heart and a change of mind.

To change your heart I recommend the only prayer that Jesus ever taught. It is called the Lord’s Prayer. And it contains within it the key to personal and global change. That key is forgiveness. It is a formula for freedom and happiness.

To change your mind I recommend thinking in threes. Allow your thought to have three stages. First, be conscious. Second, submit your thought to values. Third, think of expressions and actions that tend toward truth and beauty.

Changing Your Heart and Mind: Triadic Philosophy in A Nut Shell